In this article you will find an overview of numerous individual domains and domain collections that are offered for sale privately. You will find domains on various topics, be it the US election campaign of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in 2020 or a domain related to Bernie Sanders. You will also find information about Corona (COVID-19) or the 'hamster buyers' in the crisis.

Domains for the US election campaign 2024 

Domains for the current crisis topic 'Corona Virus' (COVID-19)

The following domains can be used, for example, to provide current news about the Corona (COVID-19) crisis or to help affected persons with advice and action.

medipo - One brand and numerous domains

Please also note the medipo brand for sale and the 18 top-level domains associated with it. This has already been registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office in 2005. The property rights were extended in 2015 until 2025. The registered trademark classes allow the use of medipo for the development of an internet portal and cover the services of a pharmacy, the presentation of drugs and medical products on the internet as well as products and services in the field of health and beauty care for humans and animals. For further information, please use our contact form.

Domain for a domain trading platform

Please also note our brand nicpo with the domain package of the same name, which is a trading platform for domains and is also offered for private sale on this website.

Other domains

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